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[ something is recording, it's possible to tell by that faint... rustle and buzz that is present even when no actual sound is made to be recorded and just faintly there's the sound of wind and leaves rustling... But he's not saying anything. Probably unintentionally set the journal to record voice and didn't know how to turn it off.

There are things he wants to ask, he just doesn't know quite where to start. Hyoga seems to realise he's being recorded after a couple minutes of silence...there is still more silence but his gaze is at least fixed on the camera.

Why is there a camera in a book? It is one of many things he doesn't understand. Finally the recording stops and instead there's a neatly written post. ]

How many people live in that village? [ hopefully there's only one village, he was only able to find one...sense one really. Sense where most people seem to be. ]

Are any of the people here native to this place? [ it didn't look like it from what he listened to/read.

And he ends it there. There's a lot more he wants to ask but maybe it'd be better if he could get someone one on one. This is him awkwardly reaching out. ]
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threadhopping: y.
backtagging: y.

hugging: y, how he'll react varies. Probably not violently.
kissing: see hugging, except he's more likely to react violently to kissing.
romancing: go for it, Hyoga is a huge romantic at heart (it will help if you're blond though. and if you look like his mom)

punching/physical violence/etc.: yeah but be prepared for a fight in return. Also any permanent damage needs to be discussed in advance
killing: if you really wanna we're gonna need to plot a bit, boy is not easy to kill.

OTHER STUFF: Hyoga keeps his left eye bandaged unless otherwise noted. But it is a fully functioning eye.


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